Peards Albury Landscape Supplies

Brush Panel Fencing

Brush Panel Fencing stocked in:

  • Panels: 1800x1800x50mm
  • Roll Caps: 1800mm long

We can also source a variety of other sizes as required.

Brush fence panels are perfect for screening off the unsightly areas or for increasing the privacy between you and your neighbours.

Quick and easy to install, enhancing the look of your yard.

Installed correctly and you could have brush fencing for 20-30 years with no rot or cracks. It is also impervious to white ants. It can be attached to all types of old existing fencing to instantly give a fantastic new look. It also allows shaping over uneven surfaces or can be tapered to blend into surrounding structures while giving a natural look to your garden or landscape project.

All Panels are Pool Safety Certified to Australian Standard 1926.1 – 2007 Part 1: Safety Barrier for Swimming Pools.

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