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Stocked Products

We pride ourselves on carrying sufficient stock and offer a range of products to buy by the bag. We can also supply a range of products by the pallet as required.

These products are in stock & offered by the bag:

General Purpose Cement
Blue Circle® General Purpose Cement exceeds the requirements for type GP cement in the Australian Standard AS 3972
Off White Cement
Blue Circle® Off White Cement is a general purpose cement complying with AS 3972, type GP.
High Early Strength Cement
Blue Circle® High Early Strength Cement is a special purpose cement complying with AS 3972, type HE
Rapid Set No Mix Concrete
Blue Circle® Rapid Set No-Mix Concrete is suitable for post hole applications where lower than normal strength is acceptable.
Concrete Mix
Blue Circle® Concrete Mix is suitable for all general purpose concrete applications where a quality concrete is required.
Multiple stacked sand bags, isolated on white background

Peards sandbags are perfect to stop minor flooding, divert water, or as weights for portable fencing, marquees etc.

Brickies Mortar
Blue Circle® Brickies Mortar is a pre-blended trade quality mortar mix suitable for all brick and blockwork projects.

Uni Sand
Blue Circle® Uni Sand is a dried and processed high purity fine washed sand. It is ideal for use around the home such as sand pits, barbecues, and more.

General Purpose Lime
Blue Circle® General Purpose Lime is premium quality hydrated lime suitable for all building applications
Blue Circle® Pave-Lok® is a lightly bonded jointing sand formulated to allow rapid filling of vertical joints between segmental pavers
Addflextra is a premium grade non slump rubber modified flexible off white tile adhesive. It can be used for internal and external wall and floor applications.

Other Products

The following products can be ordered in as required!  Sometimes we can even supply same day!

Builders Cement
Blue Circle® Builders Cement is a versatile alternative to Blue Circle® General Purpose (GP) Cement and can replace it.
Premium Clay
Blue Circle® Premium Clay is a super fine kaolin clay typically used as a plasticiser for building renders and mortars
Fly Ash (Bagged)
Blue Circle® Fly Ash is a pozzolans that can be combined with other products for versatile application
Minegrout MG-M
Blue Circle® Minegrout MG-M is specifically designed for grouting in gas drainage piping systems in the mining industry
Quick Set Concrete Mix
Quick Set Concrete Mix is suitable for all general concreting applications where fast setting characteristics are required.
HS Concrete 50MPa* Mix
Blue Circle® HS Concrete 50MPa* Mix is suitable for concreting applications where higher strength is required.

Post Hole Concrete Mix
Blue Circle® Post Hole Concrete Mix is suitable for post hole applications where lower than normal strength is acceptable.

Sand & Cement
Blue Circle® Sand and Cement is suitable for all kinds of patching, bedding and landscaping work.
Quick Set Sand & Cement
Blue Circle® Quick Set Sand and Cement is a proportioned mix designed for instant repair applications.
Special Purpose Cement
Blue Circle® Special Purpose Cement complies with AS 3972-1997, type LH/SR.
Southern White Cement
Blue Circle® Southern White Cement is a pure white general purpose Portland cement.
Blue Circle® Uni-Grout is a general purpose cementitious grout complying with Class A requirements of SAA MP20 part 3
Uni Render
Blue Circle® Uni Render is a pre-blended rendering mix designed for use over new or old brick and block work
Blue Circle® Cemstik® is a PVA emulsion designed as a bonding agent and an admixture for cement.
Blue Circle® X-Lime is a concentrated powder additive for cement-based mortars designed to improve workability and water-retention
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