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Baines Masonry - Gardenstone

Baines Abradedface Gardenstone Wall Blocks were developed from larger Norfolk Wall blocks for smaller residential projects where ease of construction and cost are more important. To make them lighter and easier to handle Gardenstone™ blocks are nearly 60% smaller than the  Norfolk and hollow except for the capping blocks which are solid.

The smaller size of the Abradedface Gardenstone™ blocks makes them ideal for lower retaining walls, garden edging and tighter curves.

Product information
  • 210L x 190W x 120H
  • 4.8 Blocks per lineal metre
  • 40 blocks per square metre
  • 7.2kg each
  • 210L x 190W x 120H
  • 4.8 Blocks per lineal metre
  • 10kg each

Available Colours:

Appin Stone


  • 21 Abraded Face Garden Stone blocks or caps is required to complete circle without cutting.
    It forms a 1450mm diameter circle to the outside face
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