Peards Albury Landscape Supplies


Packing Sand

A very coarse sand that is produced from washed aggregate gravels. Mostly paving contractors use it to lay their pavers on. Packing Sand is also great as a filler material for underneath concrete slabs. This material is commonly used as a final base when laying large format pavers on as it creates a softer cushion for the pavers, we recommend that it be laid at a thickness no less than 25mm.

Brick Sand

Can be used for mortar production and landscaping applications. It is commonly used for bricklaying, bagging walls, ground lining for ponds and above ground pools. Clean and workable sand that is relatively lightweight. This material as the suggest is used for mixing brick mortar just add General Purpose cement at a ratio of 5:1 or 3:1 if mixing paver mortar for around pools.

Beach Sand

Mainly used for kids sandpits. Triple washed and will not stain the kids skin. Great for making sand castles. Keeping the kids amused and active for hours. A great child friendly product.

Kiln Dried Sand (25kg bag)

Sold primarily for use on synthetic grass. Sweep through the grass to keep pile standing up and hold the grass down. 1 bag covers up to 2.5 sq/m. Can be used as an in-filll between paving, kiln dried sand is a clean, fine, dry aggregate sand for brushing into joints of paving to help prevent movement while still allowing drainage.

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