Peards Albury Landscape Supplies

Adhesives & Additives


Bonding, sealing and adhesive Agent: 1L or 4L

Mortar Plasticizer
Mortar Plasticizer

Used in brick mortar to improved the cohesion and reduce bleed: 2.5L or 5L

rapid nail
Rapid Nail

Fast drying, high strength, construction adhesive with low VOC content. Suitable for adhering timber, wall panelling, MDF, porous construction materials and polystyrene foam. For repairing masonry, stone and tiles. Protect bonds from exposure to water: 300ml.

weather sealant
Neutral Silicone Weather Sealant

Permanently elastic and resistant to ageing and weathering. Suitable for sealing joints for interior and exterior use e.g. wall and floor connections. Good adhesion without primer e.g. on glass, ceramics, wall tiles, aluminimum and rigid PVC: 300ml.

flex sealant
Construction Flex Sealant

1-component PU sealant for high-stress joints, both indoors and outdoors. For Sealing joints in building construction such as movement and construction/isolation joints around windows and doors, facades, claddings: 600ml

Black Cement Oxide
Cement Colour

Black Oxide: 1kg

Cement Colour

Ultra Non-Slip Granules: 400GMS

Brickies Red Waterproofer
Brickies Red Waterproofer: 5L
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