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Cow Manure (Currently Unavailable)

Cow Manure is a popular garden fertiliser that is natural and organic. 

Our cow manure can assist with soil moisture, structure, aeration and earthworm activity, enabling you to preserve the life span of your soil and provide a great source of organic nutrients for your garden.

It is a natural and organic fertiliser, composted and aged manure with no blending, additives or green waste, promoting soil health and fertility.

Suitable for general purpose use including trees, vegetables, flowers, plants and garden beds, this fertiliser is the perfect choice for beginner and professional gardeners alike.

Mushroom Mulch

Mushroom mulch is an environmentally friendly, water saving, organic by-product of mushroom farming. The organic materials used in the formulation of mulch are either a renewable resource or are by-products produced as a result of manufacturing at environmentally managed sites.

Mushroom mulch is full of rich beneficial organic nutrients and can be used both as a soil improver or a mulch.

Organic Compost

Using compost as a garden mulch gives all the benefits of regular, non-organic mulches and adds the bonus of nutrients being constantly leached into the soil below.
As the rain runs through the compost, micro amounts of nitrogen and carbon are washed downward, constantly improving the soil.
Sugar Cane Mulch

Sugar Cane Mulch


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