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Artificial Turf

Peards Albury Landscape Supplies stocks Australian made synthetic grass manufactured for Australian conditions.

Our product range includes premium quality synthetic grass styles for commercial and residential uses.

We have grasses for a variety of applications including landscaping, pet areas, play areas, and unique areas such as rooftops and patio decks. You’re limited only by your imagination!

Our yarns and surfaces have been proudly manufactured in Australia for over 25 years. We are the industry leaders for technological advancements, environmental sustainability and product customisation. Nothing compares to quality yarn made in Australia for Australian conditions.

Silverback 35

Silverback Lawn 35 is All Seasons Synthetic Turfs Pet Lawn, it has a 35mm pile height and is made with the latest APTA textured yarn. It has no shine and resists flattening, perfect for pets, children and high traffic areas. Silverback 35 is 100% Australian Made. Lifetime Warranty

Fresh Cut 25
  • Combines multi-coloured 25mm grass blades with polypropylene thatch zone of natural colours
  • Grass, Nepeta, Green & Beige
  • Creates a comfortable lightweight landscaping solution
  • 3.71m wide roll
  • 5-year warranty
Classic 35
  • Combines multi-coloured 35mm grass blades with polypropylene thatch zone of natural colours
  • Grass, Olive, Green & Fawn
  • COOLplus™ cooling technology
  • Fire Rating AS/ISO 9239.1-2003
  • Creates a soft touch medium-high weight landscaping solution
  • 3.71m wide roll
  • 12-year warranty
  • Made in Australia from Australian Made yarn.
Classic 45
  • Combines multi-coloured 45mm grass blades with polypropylene thatch zone of natural colours
  • Grass, Olive, Green & Fawn
  • COOLplus™ cooling technology
  • Creates a soft touch high weight landscaping solution
  • 3.71m wide roll
  • 15-year warranty
  • Made in Australia from Australian Made yarn.
Royal Green

Royal Green has 20mm texturised artificial/synthetic grass blades with non-directional characteristics

  • COOLPlus® cooling technology
  • Provides a soft and realistic putting surface

Features and Benefits

  • Natural green look
  • Ideal putting green grass surface
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Realistic putting ‘speed’
  • 3.71m wide roll
  • 8-year warranty
  • Made in Australia from Australian Made yarn
Benefits of Artificial Turf & Synthetic Grass

Australian Made

All our yarns are Made in Australia, feature inbuilt proprietary features not found in other yarns, and are specifically suited for Australian conditions. Our supplier is the only manufacturer in Australia with quality certified by the International Standards Organisation.

COOLplus technology

Most of our products feature proprietary infrared-reflective COOLplus sports yarn technology, which reduces the surface temperature by 10-20% compared to competitor products. They are also softer to touch and less abrasive than other artificial grass on the market.

Superior Drainage

Water (or any other liquid) drains right through our surfaces at a rate of 2000mm per hour. The punch hole system on the backing of our surfaces quickly allows water to pass through the pile into the ground below, preventing growth of mould and bacteria.


SYNLawn products are toxin and metal-free, and are made from safe pigments that meet global standards. We specialise in supplying and installing artificial grass for schools, childcare centres and playgrounds.


Soft under paw, toxic-free and incredibly durable, our surfaces are designed to withstand even the most active of pets! No more unwanted holes or mud tracked through the house!

UV Stabilised

Our proprietary in-house masterbatch formulation empowers our yarns with unmatched resistance to the degrading effects of ultra-violet light.

Low maintenance & Cost-effective

No watering. No mowing. No weeding. No mud or puddles. Reduced water bills. Spend more time relaxing around the house when you invest in fake grass.

Up to 15 Year Warranty

Our premium quality artificial grasses all come with an up to 15 Year Warranty to protect you against issues such as UV degradation and fibre loss, so you can feel confident that you have chosen the best synthetic grass on the market.

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