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Instant Turf - Buffalo & Kikuyu

At Peards Albury we supply Kikuyu and Buffalo turf. We pride ourselves on having a constant supply during the Spring period with Kikuyu being our post popular variety.  We also supply other varieties but waiting times are applicable for these.

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo 

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo is a long broad soft-leaf turf.

Palmetto has been a proven performer right around Australia for 10 years as a low maintenance soft leaf Buffalo variety in a beautiful emerald-green colour.

Over a two-year evaluation period, Palmetto had a rating of 75.5% better winter colour than the average of the other leading Buffalos tested. 

Palmetto has considerably less thatch and produces less seed head which is great for people who suffer allergies.  Less thatch also makes it easier to mow.  

Palmetto performs well in full sun and thrives in shaded areas, provided it gets between 2 and 4 hours of sunlight a day.  Once established, Palmetto is drought tolerant and a very efficient water user.

Palmetto is fast becoming the favourite choice for landscape specifiers, contractors and home gardeners.  It provides a great looking lawn with minimal maintenance.

Recommended fertilising 5 weeks after laying turf.  For best results, fertilise in September, December, March and April.

Kenda Kikuyu

Kenda is fast establishing, has great wear recovery, beautiful winter colour and is drought tolerant. Kenda has extra-large prostate runners and lots of rhizomes, making it a very fast establishing, quick wear recovery Kikuyu.

Proven in research to have better winter colour than other Kikuyu, any Couch or Buffalo. Kenda is unlikely to seed. Now that Kenda has 4 times as many rhizomes as common Kikuyu, and with its other benefits over Couch, Kenda is a far better sports turf choice.

Kenda is perfect for sunny home lawns that will get a lot of wear from kids or dogs. Yellow leaf in Kikuyu is a common problem however Kenda has less evidence of yellow leaf in times of wet weather and heat.

Recommend fertilizing 5 weeks after laying turf. For best results fertilize in September, December, March and April.

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