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Sandy Loam

Sandy Loam is a type of soil used for gardening. Our new sandy loam is lighter with higher water retention. This soil type is normally made up of sand along with varying amounts of silt and clay. Mainly used as a subsoil for under new turf areas. The composition makes it an ideal soil type for many plant types because of the balance it gives. Sand gives the soil better drainage capability, something that clay is not very good at. A minimum of 50mm is required. Promotes good root penetration which results in a better and stronger lawn. Once established the lawn should be top dressed with Peards Premium Soil or organic compost.

Peards Premium Soil

A rich organic soil blend, with wonderful organic composts and sand that will breathe new life into your grass or fill your garden beds.

Recommended for top dressing lawns (spread thinly) and native plants. It holds moisture well and is rich in nutrients. Providing a thin, free draining medium to cover soil and garden areas.

Fine Organic Compost

Organic Composts are pretty miraculous and provide a wide range of benefits for healthy and productive gardens.

Our premium compost meets all requirements of the AS4454 Australian Standard for compost quality. Our composts are also independently certified by the NSW DPI (dept of agriculture) for bio secure treatment.

Some of the many benefits from using properly mature, quality compost include:

  • Improved soil structure and drainage in heavy soils
  • Increased nutrient retention / soil fertility
  • Increased permeability and infiltration
  • Increased soil moisture retention in light soils
  • pH adjustment and stabilisation/buffering
  • Improved establishment of new plantings

It is a fine-particle size compost that is rich in organic carbon and nutrients and is suitable for the following uses in home lawns, gardens and general landscaping:

  • Digging or mixing into your soil for general soil improvement
  • Refreshing growing media in established pot plants (potting-on and potting-up)
  • An alternative for lawn or turf top dressing and turf underlay applied before laying rolls of turf or before sowing turf grass seed.

Premium Veggie Mix

Organic soil with mushroom mulch added. Perfect for a wide range of fruits, vegetables, citrus and herbs. It is also great for growing roses. A rich organic soil that fertilises and conditions your garden, while providing the right amount of drainage so that your fruits, vegetables and roses don’t become waterlogged.

Peards Perfect Garden Mix

For the passionate gardener our Perfect mix is a blend made in front of your eyes of Peards Premium Soil and Organic Compost. We recommend using this soil to revitalize existing garden beds, improve soil structure or to be used when planting new plants (just dig the hole a little larger for excellent results)

Peards Perfect Veggie Mix

For the best veggies in town our Perfect mix is a blend of Premium Veggie Mix and Organic Compost. Made in front of your eyes.  With add carbon and nutrients to accelerate root growth this Perfect mix is sure to impress.

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