Coloured Glass & Glow Stones
for Concrete

PolyGlow Glow in the dark stones


(19 Colours)



We stock a small amount of PolyGlow/Glow in the dark stones, mirror glass, premixed glass and coloured glass and have sample cases to take home to help make a decision which product would suit best. 


Coloured Glass: 5-10mm coloured glass is the size grading of choice by the majority of experienced concreters. It has been designed to be used as a seeded aggregate in a range of concrete based applications.


Clear glass: is carefully tumbled to remove any sharp edges, then colour coated on all sides with a polyurethane coating highly resistant to U.V. light, abrasion and weather.


Pre-Mixed Glass: If you are wanting to go with the multi-coloured glass effect which has become an increasingly popular option, our striking pre mix glass range has been custom designed to make your colour selection fast, simple and virtually decision free.

Simply choose the colour scheme that best suits your taste and decorative style and you’re well on the way to having the most stunning decorative concrete in your neighborhood!


Glow in the Dark Stones: Our PolyGlow Glow Stones look great in both polished concrete and exposed aggregate concrete applications anytime of the day or night. During daylight hours, PolyGlow™ Stones have the look of a classic crushed quartz marble aggregate, adding a real depth and quality to any concreted area. By night, be prepared to be amazed as these tumbled stone like pieces transform to emit a captivating ambient glow lasting for many hours. PolyGlow™ glow stones for concrete can be used either indoors or outdoors. PolyGlow™ glow in the dark stones are also suitable for use in polished concrete benchtop applications.

Glow stones for concrete: perfect for use in all polished concrete and exposed aggregate concrete applications:

* 5-15mm size grading

* Premium grade photoluminescent aggregate

* Tumbled pieces – No sharp edges

* Strontium aluminate granular infused polymer resin stones

* Average quantity used per square metre : 120 – 200 grams seeded

Fire Glass: Fire Glass, sometimes referred to as Fire Crystals, is a glass product designed for use in gas fire places and in outdoor fire pits.

Our premium Fire Glass product is designed to stand out from the crowd and be the centre of attention.

Fire Glass can be used in either outdoor fire pits or indoor gas fire places.

Fire Glass picks up on light and reflects it around the space creating a stunning shine. This is why even when the area is not being used, it still looks magical.


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