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Geo-Fabric, Weedmat Jute Mat & Plastic


Geo-Fabric is stocked in:

  • 1m x 50m Rolls
  • 2m x 50m Rolls

We also supply it by the lineal meter for smaller jobs or wicking beds.

Geofabric is a tough synthetic geotextile, ideal for use in drainage, filtration, separation, protection and more.

Primarily used by civil contractors, plumbers and landscapers, it is a durable and cheap engineering solution for the management and prevention of soil erosion and moisture loss.

It is designed to replace natural filters in many applications particularly revetments and subsoil drainage. The extremely high porosity of nonwoven geotextiles allows water flow while preventing fines migration. These properties allow geo-fabric to be used where drainage or control of groundwater is a concern such as behind retaining walls, working over soft ground in driveway construction and gravel paths or in landscaping applications to provide separation between soil and drainage aggregates in planter boxes and roof gardens.

Geo-Fabric nonwoven geotextile is used to remove water from damp areas such as behind retaining walls. Its three-dimensional structure makes an easier flow-through passage for water, providing more effective drainage. Geotextile filter fabrics are highly porous, allowing water to flow through while containing soil migration. It outperforms natural filters particularly when used in revetments or subsoil drainage. It is widely used as a filtration layer around the perimeter of a drainage trench or wrapping a 100 mm diameter drainage pipe. 


Weedmat is stocked in:

  • 1.8 x 50m Rolls

We also supply it by the lineal meter for smaller jobs.  

We stock only cost effective Premium Weed Mat (50GSM) that is UV stabilised and very hard wearing.

Weedmat is often used within gardens where pebbles or rocks have been selected as the ground cover.  Promoting healthier plants and a cleaner landscape environment. It is a great alternative to chemical weed killers.

Weedmat prevents weeds growing by incorporating a UV stabilised system that stops the light from feeding weeds and letting them grow without being waterproof so the water can drain through from above.

Plastic Sheeting

Plastic Sheeting stocked in:

  • 1mx 50m (200um) Rolls
  • 2m x 50m (200um) Rolls

We also supply it by the lineal meter for smaller jobs.  

Often called Builders Film or Builders Plastic, it is commonly used as an underlay for concrete slabs, behind retaining walls and as a moisture and vapour barrier.

Black polyethylene sheeting offers strength of clear poly sheeting with opaque black to further protect your products. Black poly sheeting can be used to cover and conceal a variety of products. It provides protection from the UV rays when used to protect loads in outdoor storage areas.

Jute Mat

Geo-Fabric is stocked in:

  • 1.83m x 25m Rolls (6 Slits)

Jute Mat Thick is the robust weed and erosion control geotextile made of natural jute fibres. Jute Mat Thick acts as a mulch, providing weed suppression and moisture retention to enhance plant establishment, while protecting the topsoil from erosion.

Jute Mat Thick is 100% natural and will biodegrade over time.

Halts Erosion

Exposed soils are protected with biodegradable Jute Mat Thick, providing erosion control.


Jute Mat Thick acts as a roll-on mulch, adding organic matter to the soil as it breaks down. Suppressing most weeds while planted vegetation is establishing.

Retains Water

Jute Mat Thick greatly reduces moisture loss due to evaporation, and conforms to the contours of the ground.

100% Natural

Jute Mat Thick contains no plastic meshes and will not entangle wildlife or machinery.

Other Advantages

Reduces heat absorption, helping to protect plants. Flexible and strong when being laid.

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