Sandy Loam

Sandy Loam is a type of soil used for gardening. This soil type is normally made up of sand along with varying amounts of silt and clay. Mainly used as a subsoil for under new turf areas. The composition makes it an ideal soil type for many plant types because of the balance it gives. Sand gives the soil better drainage capability, something that clay is not very good at. A minimum of 50mm is required. Promotes good root penetration which results in a better and stronger lawn. Once established the lawn should be top dressed with Peards Garden World premium top soil.

Premium Top Soil

A rich soil blend, with wonderful organic composts and sand that will breathe new life into your grass. Recommended for top dressing lawns (spread thinly) and native plants. It holds moisture well and is rich in nutrients. Providing a thin, free draining medium to cover soil and garden areas. Without topsoil, plant life and grass may be limited.

Veggie Mix

Top soil with 10% cow manure added. Perfect for a wide range of fruits, vegetables, citrus and herbs. It is also great for growing roses. A rich organic soil that fertilises and conditions your garden, while providing the right amount of drainage so that your fruits, vegetables and roses don’t become water logged.

Garden Mix

25% mushroom compost mixed in. Recommended for general planting (not seelings). It is a pH neutral soil that is suitable for Azaleas, Camellias and even Native Plants. It does not provide as much nutrients as other high grade soils, therefore more manure may be needed for certain plants.