We have several different rock types including Mossy Rocks, Mud Rocks, Blue Stone and Limestone. All rocks come in varying sizes from softball size right through to large boulders.

Mossy Rocks: These natural large granite rocks have a covering of lichen and moss that are suitable for large or small landscaping projects to give that native look that you may be after.
Mud Rocks: Comes in various shades of earthy brown. It is great for all water features like waterfalls, ponds, swimming pools, paving and or all domestic and commercial landscaping ideas such as retaining walls and steps.
Blue Stone: An attractive landscaping stone which presents itself as an ideal garden rock. Bluestone rocks can be used as bluestone retaining walls, dry stacked walls, spillways, paths, seat rocks, erosion control as well as special features to enhance the look of your landscape.
Limestone: Great for limestone walls or garden beds.